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Document Management System

The use of computer system and software to store, manage and track electronic documents and electronic images of paper based information captured through the use of a document scanner

Document Policy and Procedure
Document Policy and Procedure

Document Procedure will have the control documents, control of records, internal audit,control of non-conforming product, corrective action and preventive action.

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Document Imaging

Up to 400 dpi, black and white,greyscale or colour. We offer deskewing, de-speckling and other image processing that can make the scanned image better than the original.

Document Offsite Storage
Document Offsite Storage

We are providing solution of storage of archieved document. Our secure warehouse and environmentally controlled facility is complete with narrow racking system, IT facilities, smoke detector alarm system and many more...

#Document Organizing
Document Organizing

Document Organizing Services will help you to organize all of the documents in your firm so that all of the documents are well managed and easy to reach.

Document Tracking Management System
Document Tracking Management System

Cataloguing is the process of writing a description for the records. The records can be searched later using using description and titles within catalogues. The system should be user friendly that the user shall not enter many data.

Other Products

We have a various type of product according to your requirements

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Automation Software Testing

QUANTUM leverages inbuilt existing industry processes to create Business Process Model and Notation (BPMN) flows and generates automation scripts. The platform supports the entire test management cycle from requirement management, test planning, execution, defect management and release.

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Equipment and Peripheral

We provide hi-tech equipment such as printers, labels, scanners, televisions, door access, webcam. Just anything that you need. Send us your inquiries

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Software Development

Our expert will help develop a professional and comprehensive programs and systems for the duration of your information’s lifecycle, regardless of its format – paper or electronic.

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E-commerce Website

We have an e-commerce website which is Hit us up if you want to be one of the vendor.

Properties Management Services

Services that we offer to you

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Cleaning Services

We are able to do common area cleaning such as outdoor cleaning or even main hole cleaning and we provide regular or one-off cleaning service

Pump Maintenance

Maintenance of pump is needed to keep it running properly. It's done by our experienced team members

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Electrical Repairing and Maintenance
(A4 Certification)

Our comprehensive range of M&E services are delivered through teams of directly employed multi-skilled technicians and specialist suppliers

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Genset and LV Maintenance

Genset and LV maintenance will ensure its running with a quality power through its life

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Waste Management Service

Environmental waste management services can help you to recycle, treat and dispose of your waste to ensure you meet your own ethical standards as well as governing regulatory requirements.

Repair & Maintenance

Obtaining quotes for work required, full bid processing, preparing contracts with contractors, advice to Council on repairs and maintenance required.

Driven by more than 15 years experience management team from various background!

Remarking our participation in properties management, our experience in comprehensive maintenance of commercial buildings is our valued advantage.